Все виды отделочных работ

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Дорогие интерьерные покрытия и бюджетные


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Дорогие интерьерные покрытия и бюджетные

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    Właśnie nabylem E46 329da po lifcie. Autko warte grzechu i daje radośc z jego prowadzenia. Ale pomimo tego, że nie jestem drobiazgowy wkurza mnie jak komputer przÃme…‚akuje spalanie i to nie o jakieś 0,5 – 1,0 litra ale o 2 litry. Komp pokazuje 6,2 a z przeliczenia zużycia wychodzi 8,1. A niech pali i 9 l. ale niech nie łże. Moze ktos wie co jest tego przyczyną?

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    … @llloloooolllool Your money was never saved for you to begin with. Social Security recipients receive more in benefits than what they ever contributed so it’s not your money that you collect it’s the taxpayers money. How can you collect more than you put in? A system where people take out more than they put in doesn’t last long and we’re reaching the point now where the payouts are unsustainable. Social Security and the other entitlements must go. The gravy train has derailed. Was this answer helpful?

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    A rolling stone is worth two in the bush, thanks to this artlice.

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    That’s really thniikng out of the box. Thanks!

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